The Future’s Bright, The Future’s Video

It doesn’t matter what article you’re looking at, which statistics or infographics you find, it’s plainly obvious that a majority of companies are taking a massive turn towards video marketing.

As 63% of businesses are already proving, using short videos to advertise, promote and explain their products and services[1] – to a generation of smartphone wielding consumers – is a successful way of increasing sales and conversion rates. With access to video becoming easier, why would we want to read about a product when we can see it in action? Take a look at Kickstarter or Indiegogo where you’ll see the successful pages all have a video right at the top of the page; explaining what the product is, what it does and why you need one.

But more importantly, the video gets the user’s attention and helps to quickly establish a good first impression.

If 79% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a product than reading text on a page, why wouldn’t you cater to their demands?[1]

A well produced video also shows how passionate and invested its creators are in their product; putting in the time, effort and investment makes sure consumers will feel the same way. And it works, as 84% of customers admit to having purchased the product/service after watching a brand’s video[1]. That’s four out of five sales because of a video!

“But to make sales we need traffic!” I hear you cry. Well think about it. If you make a video, you’re probably going to upload it to YouTube and then embed that video onto your website. Google – who owns YouTube – actually prioritise websites that contain embedded YouTube videos during searches[2].

Of course it’s not just YouTube that can host your videos as the rising use of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram shows[1]. The ability for you to easily advertise your product directly to their billions of users is invaluable. I’ve not even started on the usefulness of the ‘Share’ button, where a single customer can spotlight your product to all of their friends and family without you even lifting a finger.

Your videos don’t need to be big blockbuster projects either. Yes they need to have good production value (a fancy term for it looking good) but any videographer worth their salt will make sure that not only does your video look good, but that it’ll be tailor made to your company’s needs and requirements. Of course, you may consider hiring the project out to a professional as an investment, but it’s an investment that many companies have proven to be well worth the cost[3].

It also doesn’t cost anything to ask a videographer what their rates are, it might end up being cheaper than you think. Once you’ve got a quote, you could use IdeaRocket’s handy Return on Investment (ROI) calculator to help make sure your investment works for you[4].

But remember, it’s not all just about advertising. Video marketing can also be used as an invaluable explainer tool. I brew beer in my spare time, I didn’t get taught how to do this and the instructions that came with the kit were pretty vague. So I went to the company’s website and found their tutorial videos, copied what their staff did and two months later, my very first homebrew was ready to drink!  No need for complicated phone calls to them to ask for more details or frustration from struggling with the product, but a quick and simple solution. And I’m now on my third brew. Take from that what you will.

Guest article by Will Barnard, Freelance Journalist